Family Borba is well known for their agriculture and horse breeding.

The breeding mares and young foals livs in the farm “Herdade da Bastarda” which is located in Arronches, close to Portalegre. The herd counts around 12 breeding mares.

The records of inscribed horses go back for a 100 years. The Borba family does not only breed Pure Bred Lusitanos but also breed cross breed with other breeds.

Many famous Lusitano stallions like Hostil, Rico and Soberano are from their breeding and famous all over the world.


Zico x Vaidosa, born in 1989.

Hostil has 76 points in the stud book and is 162 cm tall. He is one of the best breeding stallions in Portugal as he has proved to be an amazing father by sons as Soberano and Rico. Hostil is a recommended stallion by the Lusitano studbook.

Hostil is a horse with a huge functionality and an amazing mind! He was educated by Dr. Guilherme Borba to Grand Prix level and in 2001 he was ridden by Olympic World Champion Anky van Grunsven.



Hostil x Cortiça, born in 1998.

Rico is 171 cm tall and has got 74,5 points in the stud book.

Rico is ridden by Kyra Kyrklund in the United Kingdom. She is competing Rico successfully on international Grand Prix level.



Hostil x Nobreza, born in 1999.

Soberano has got 76 points in the stud book.

In 2002 Júlio Borba prepared Soberano for the International Festival for the Purebred Lusitano Horse in Lisbon. He won a Golden medal in the class of the three years old foals. In the same year in Golegã he was Champions of Champions. In 2003 he was Golden medal Champion and again Champions of Champions in Golegã. At the moment Soberano is one of the most promising and wanted stallions in Portugal. He has got a mind that works 100% with the rider, has great movements and with a dimension of 1.74 this horse belongs to the top of the Lusitano horses! He is trained and will be brought out in competition by Carlos Pinto in France.