Júlio Borba - student of his father Júlio Borba,  Luís Valença and his uncle Dr. Guilherme Borba –  started to work at the EPAE (Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre) in 1992. At his second year there he received his first two horses under his responsibility. Having prepared them for such, he began taking part in the shows of the EPAE. During his twelve years at the School Júlio performed countless shows. In the shows that he took part at, he did; the quadrille, the Pas de Trois, Solo, Airs above the ground by hand (Piaffe, Levade and Capriole) and Airs above the ground ridden (Piaffe, Levade and Capriole).

During several years he represented the EPAE in dressage competitions.


In 1997, Julio expanded his work, and started giving riding clinics in Brazil and gradually he started to travel more. Until now he has been teaching in: Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Island, United Kingdom, Brazil and The United States of America.

Right now he has around 220 Students that participate in his clinics on monthly basis with 280 horses. He travels from place to place to give 2 till 6 days clinics.

Júlio works with horses of any breed, on any level, of any discipline. Top professionals, like international and Olympic dressage riders, till eagerly amateurs. A humble group of riders that want to learn, no matter if it’s in the basic work, on grand prix level, or about airs above the ground. Julio rides his student’s horses as well as gives practical and theoretical lessons.

Many times he’s invited to give demonstrations and to attend forums and symposia among international judges and riders, veterinarians and classical masters.

According to his students he proved not only to be a great rider; he also is a great pedagogic with the patience, the knowledge, accuracy and clearness that it takes.